The Premium Lag Difference

What Makes our Lag Switch Different?

Gamers are constantly searching for the best tools to gain an edge. Your search for the perfect lag switch shouldn’t be any different! A good lag switch can be your best friend. A bad one can make gaming more frustrating and difficult! Here’s what makes Premium Lag different!

1. It’s affordable.
We’re not talking about dollar store grade cheap materials though. A reasonable price for a lag switch is between $19 and $35 dollars depending on the cable length. Anything less and it’s probably not a reliable switch, anything more and you’re paying extra for a device that does the same thing with some pretty lights added. Our lag switch costs just $19.98 including shipping! Not only that but with our competition’s switches you’ll need to shell out another $10 minimum for an Ethernet Hub to bypass the Xbox 360 voltage detector.

2. It’s small. A small lag switch is important in play. You don’t want to be fumbling around with a big lag switch. A small lag switch is absolutely the best and ours is barely larger than a quarter!

3. It’s durable. What good is buying something that’s just going to break? With lag switches this is a must. Being so into a game can be a little rough for your equipment. A durable casing is important here. This brings us back to a small switch. A small lag switch has less space between each corner, leaving less easily breakable surface area. A big lag switch has a lot of empty space inside. This makes it easier to break by dropping because the parts inside can shake around more and it is more vulnerable to cracking from excessive pressure. Additionally our lag switches are also the only ones built into superior Cat5e Ethernet cable, rather than outdated Cat5e!

4. It’s super responsive. First person shooters are all about who’s the most accurate, but more importantly who’s faster on the trigger. The responsiveness of the button might the determining factor in who wins a battle in an online shooter like BF3, Black Ops or MW3. The button should take a minimal amount of pressure to engage, and ours does! This instantly rules out toggle switches, especially those made of clunky light switches.

5. It has a warranty three times that of the competition. Even the best built things break sometimes and that’s why a warranty is important. Ours comes with a 90 day warranty!

6. The return policy. If you’re not completely satisfied return the switch within 30 days for a full refund. Most of our competitors do not offer refunds under any circumstances. Even the next closest competitor gives you only 7 days to return the switch. Our 30 day return period is over four times as long as the closest competitor’s.

For even more comparison information check out our official Lag Switch Comparison.