How to Connect Your Lag Switch

The Five Second Setup for connecting the Premium Lag Switch:

1. Disconnect the Cat5 cable linking your console to your modem or router.

2. Replace it the cable you just removed with the Premium Lag Switch cable. The side labeled console should be plugged into your Xbox 360, PS3 or other gaming system.

3. Join an online game and try it out. Start out holding it down for 1-5 seconds. Over time you’ll get a feel for how long to hold it down. This is based on personal preference and the game you’re playing.

4. If you get timed out or dropped try holding the button for a shorter period.

5. Enjoy winning on Xbox Live, PSN and PC games.

If your lag switch isn’t working properly check out our Support Page.

For advice on how to use a lag switch to win check out How to Use A Lag Switch.