The Premium Lag Switch, like all lag switches, can experience problems with certain hardware. Normally you should be able to connect your switch directly to your Xbox 360 or PS3 without being disconnected. If you are getting disconnected these are the most common reasons:

  • Ethernet couplers: Ethernet couplers are the small connectors used to join together multiple Ethernet cables. Some Ethernet couplers will disrupt the function of our lag switch. Only inline Ethernet couplers can be used with our switch. Unfortunately many manufacturers label their couplers as inline even though they aren’t. Check the path from your Xbox 360 to your modem to insure that there are no Ethernet couplers. This solves upwards of 90{3b157151ab58ea645ee384f91f820ca7699af0ab9295bdc0cb506c8cc5475123} of all problems reported.
  • Overused connectors: Unfortunately the ports on switches, routers and even your console can wear our if disconnected and reconnected too many times. Sometimes lag switch problems are caused by one of these damaged connectors. These connectors may function normally for all other applications, however lag switches aren’t like other devices and are particularly picky sometimes. If you have the lag switch or another cable plugged into a switch or router try connecting it to a different port. You may find that it works perfectly when connected to another port, and chances are all of your other devices will still work with the port the lag switch wouldn’t.
  • Using the switch in matchmaking: Using a lag switch during matchmaking will get you instantly disconnected from Xbox Live. Be sure to only activate your lag switch during the game after all players have fully loaded the game and it has begun.
  • Holding down the button for too long: Holding down the button for too long can cause you to disconnect. Usually the game will have a re-sync screen come up and halt the game to re-sync you and other players if you hold it down for too long. How long is too long? Unfortunately that depends on the game, host, latency, etc. Some games may not function with lag switches at all but we haven’t heard of any yet. All common shooter games work as of the date this was written.
  • AT&T U-verse modems: While nearly all customers have no problems with their modems, a few have reported problems with AT&T U-verse modems. We’re not sure why some cause problems and not others but if you experience any problems you’re welcome to return the switch for a 100{3b157151ab58ea645ee384f91f820ca7699af0ab9295bdc0cb506c8cc5475123} refund. This problem is very rare, but nonetheless possible.
  • Miscellaneous network switches and routers: Some routers, particularly ones provided by your ISP may cause problems with the lag switch. These problems are rare and because of this we don’t have a list of what hardware causes it at this time. Rest assured if your network hardware is incompatible you can return the switch for a full refund.

If none of the above apply to you or you have network hardware you can’t swap out that may be causing the problem contact us using the form below and we’ll try to find out what the problem may be. If we can’t we’ll refund you 100{3b157151ab58ea645ee384f91f820ca7699af0ab9295bdc0cb506c8cc5475123} of your purchase price. For refund requests please include your PayPal email address used when you purchased the switch to insure we can refund you as quickly as possible.