How To Cheat On Xbox Live

While there are no Xbox Live cheats that doesn’t mean there’s no way to cheat on Xbox Live. There are a few ways to cheat on Xbox Live, however most of them have disadvantages. The three ways you can cheat are:

  • Console Mods
  • Lag Switches
  • Rapid Fire Mods

Console Mods – The least common, riskiest and most expensive way to cheat on Xbox Live is to buy a console mod chip. You can modify your console but this is complicated, expensive, voids your warranty and can be detected on Xbox Live and PSN. Just a few years ago Microsoft permanently banned over 1 million people for using modified consoles on Xbox Live. It’s a proven way to cheat, but it’s pretty technical and highly risky.

Lag Switches – The easiest and most inexpensive way to cheat in online games is to use a lag switch. A lag switch is a switch that allows you to artificially lag your enemies or yourself to gain an advantage in online games. You can use the switch to make your enemies lag when in combat and make yourself impossible to hit, or to make yourself lag before going around a corner to check for enemies, mines or other traps. With a lag switch is the possibilities are limitless. Some people can even use lag switches to glitch into parts of the game you’re not supposed to go to.  The best part is that because everyone lags sometimes there is no risk of being caught using a lag switch. As long as you don’t tell people you’re using it you’re in the clear.

Rapid Fire Mods – Another common, but more expensive way of cheating is to use a rapid fire mod. Rapid fire mods allow you to shoot your weapon faster than is normally allowed in the game. They’re a decent way to cheat online but require you to buy an expensive third party controller or buy the parts and do it yourself which is highly technical. These controllers are usually not as comfortable or reliable as official controllers and generally have little to no warranty or support. There are sporadic reports of people being banned for using modded controllers but these claims are unsubstantiated and most likely untrue. Even if you do get caught this is not as serious as modding your console and would likely only get you a temporary ban.

So in conclusion although there are no cheats for Xbox Live there are several ways to cheat anyway, most of them are expensive and one of them may even get you banned for life. The only way to cheat that we feel is worth it is to use a lag switch. You can buy the best lag switch on the market Right Here for Just $19.98 with Free Shipping!